Earth Day Bingo!

Celebrate Earth Day with a game of Bingo

Bingo never gets old. You can play this Earth Day version with your kids at home. Rather than printing out the card, download the Earth Day Bingo card and pop it up on your screen. Mark each eco-action using a photo editor or any drawing tool you have on your device.

Alternatively, if it's on a phone or a tablet, you can set it down somewhere and place a bean, coin, or any small object on each eco action you've taken today!  If you want to, share your marked-up bingo card on your Instagram stories or feed and tag us @fairytalesretold. We'd love to see our readers taking action to help Planet Earth.

And remember, every day is Earth Day, so you can play this game anytime! 


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Meine Tochter liebt es!


So wertvoll, dass es diese berühmte Märchen jetzt auch ganz nah gedacht und geschrieben wurde. Jetzt lese ich es meiner Tochter sehr gerne vor.
Ich hoffe, es werden noch mehrere Märchen auf diese Art verfügbar sein <3
Eine absolute Empfehlung!

Finally a brave divers Snow White

Sweetest book ever

I discovered this gem on Boxi Flea Martket in Berlin. Bought it for all my nieces and nephews and some friends' kids as well. They all love it. Can't wait for the next books to come out. Thank you!

Love, love, love this book!

Finally a fairy tale with modern look. Looking forward to many more rary tales retold stories!