3 Tips to Get Your Children to Love Reading

Which parent wouldn't be happy to get their kids to love reading as much as they do? If you are unsure where to start, here are Fairy Tales Retold's three tips to get them going:


1. Make reading a part of their routine

From infancy to adolescence, make sure books are a part of their life. Bedtime stories are a perfect example as well as setting a designated reading time. However, visits to libraries and bookshops can be included here as well, as you help them to find new books. Read to them or read together!


2. Lead by example

When children see their parents enjoying a book, it sends them a positive and motivating message. Tell them about your reading and share your enthusiasm. Make sure books are easily accessible too, especially to little ones.



3. Try an audiobook!

Daily life can get hectic, and sometimes we might miss the scheduled reading time. The perfect solution? Audiobooks! Not only are they a great introduction to the physical books, but they can also offer more versatility: play them during bath time, for example, or on the way to school.


Did you know that Fairy Tales Retold offers free audiobooks in different languages? Check them out here.


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7 reviews
Snow White - French
Laurie Lemaire
Une Blanche-neige inspirante (French edition)

Sehr gelungene, erfrischende Neuerzählung des berühmten Märchens. Als Übersetzerin & Sprachlehrerin wie auch als Mutter eines Kleinkindes bin ich ganz begeistert von diesem tollen Buch (französische Ausgabe). Eine inspirierende Geschichte für alle Kinder (Jungs inklusive) und jedes Alter. Eignet sich auch perfekt als Geschenk!

Snow White - German
Maike Neumann
fantastic book

we all love this book 😊

Such a great Book

Our Son is loving this book with it`s beautifull pictures. A must in every Book Shelf.

Vorlesen mit gutem Gewissen

Meine Tochter liebt es!

Snow White - German
Petra Pfann

So wertvoll, dass es diese berühmte Märchen jetzt auch ganz nah gedacht und geschrieben wurde. Jetzt lese ich es meiner Tochter sehr gerne vor.
Ich hoffe, es werden noch mehrere Märchen auf diese Art verfügbar sein <3
Eine absolute Empfehlung!