Diverse and inclusive fairy tales for a modern world

Unique Characters

A beautiful and vibrant range of characters from around the world.

Modern Values

Be brave, be bold, be better. Traditional tales with modern morals.

Original Adventures

Thrilling new adventures, inspired by the classics.

Our Story

Not so long ago, in a city you most likely have heard of and may even have been to, a soon to be middle-aged, balding dad was lying in bed reading good night stories to his little baby daughter.

While lying there with the little one in his arms, he noticed something strange. It seemed that all princesses in these fairy tales needed to be saved and that their most important characteristic was their beauty.

The big idea....

Encouraged by the response to our idea we are starting to dream about the impact this project can have on children around the world and we can’t help but get excited!

So, if you enjoy our retelling, please spread the word about the new Snow White so that this story too will have its own fairy tale ending.

He did not like that at all. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up in this kind of world. So, while reading, he started changing little words here and there. All of a sudden a ‘beautiful’ princess became a ‘brave’ one and he saw the sparkle in his daughter’s eyes!

From this came the idea of Fairy Tales Retold, with a simple, yet powerful premise:

Changing one word can change everything!


Fairy Tales Retold was created to inspire imaginations and to share beautiful stories that can be both read and heard.

Complementing the hardback book is a beautifully crafted audio-book. With an original score composed by David Alleckna and sound design by Rene Corbett, the audio version of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs is a thrilling adventure of its own. 


Available as a free download on iTunes, Spotify or your audio platform of choice, you too can follow Snow White on her magical journey by listening along.

Snow WhiteFairytales Retold
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Stephan developed the original concept of Fairytales Retold. His 2 children keep him busy the rest of the time!


A Geography teacher in London, Iain leads on production and on editing audio content.


An artist in Sardinia, Claudia created the illustrations for Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 

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