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We have some news that we’d love to share with you all! Over the last few months, we’ve been busily working with Mytheresa and several familiar faces to write a series of modern fairy tales. Some incredible speakers have given their time and donated their fees to charity, and we can’t wait to share Mytheresa’s Pajama Podcast with you all.

The Little Duckling read by Munroe Bergdorf

The Ugly Duckling is one of Hans Christian Anderson’s most famous works. The original story tells the story of a little bird who is teased for their appearance and who decides to leave. After a series of scrapes and near misses, they eventually find a flock of swans who love the Ugly Duckling and take them into their family as one of their own.

Our retelling, The Little Duckling, subtly changes the traditional story from focussing on family to focussing on each individual’s right to express themselves and to be loved for who they are. Born to a loving family in a hostile world, Kaya perseveres throughout many challenges as they make their own way home; showing that each of us are the boss of our own body and identity. 

The Little Duckling is read by Munroe Bergdorf, a model and activist who uses her profile to advocate for a fairer world. Winner of the 2018 Changemaker of the Year, she is an advocate for UN Women UK and has spoken on international panels on gender, inclusivity and race around the world.

You can listen to The Little Duckling now here or wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear what you think on our Instagram and if you enjoy the story, perhaps you’ll like our first book – a retelling of Snow White.

The Little Mermaid read by Evan LaLanne

Hans Christian Anderson’s iconic Little Mermaid is given a new twist in our retelling for Mytheresa’s Pajama Podcast series. The original tale and Disney classic describe how a young mermaid gives up her voice and life in the sea to receive a human soul.

Our version keeps the spirit of the original while in a more modern and urgent setting. After years of human neglect and waste, the mermaids are trapped at the foot of the ocean and forced to protect their glorious Queendom with a thick net above. As each day passes, the pollution mounts as the Little Mermaid realises that she must act to save the merfolk. In a thrilling adventure, she rises up to the surface and asks herself whether she can make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her family and Queendom safe.

This retelling of the Little Mermaid is read for the Mytheresa Pajama Podcast by Evan LaLanne. Evan is a para-Alpine ski racer and a fearless wheelchair skateboarder from California. His videos have been viewed over 100 million times online and his collaboration with skater Tony Hawk on the Ellen DeGeneres show went viral in early 2021.

You can listen to The Little Mermaid now here or wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear what you think on our Instagram and if you enjoy the story, perhaps you’ll like our first book – a retelling of Snow White.

Mulan read by April Kae

Mulan is a story of young woman's sacrifice; putting herself in danger to save her father. Living under a patriachal regime, the original Mulan is forced to disguise herself a male soldier and fight to protect her people. 

In our retelling, we challenged both the patriachal society and the militaristic undertone of the original. While Mulan remains an excellent warrior, it is her disullisionment with war that inspires an unprecendent battle to end war. Working closely with another famous female commander, can Mulan bring an end to conflict before its too late? 

This retelling of Mulan is read by April Kae. Born in Austin, Texas, April is a musician, model and community activist on a mission to empower women of colour and all people to embrace self-love. Videos of April playing bass have gone viral over the past few years, bringing her voice and platform to millions of people around the world. You can listen to Mulan now here or wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear what you think on our Instagram and if you enjoy the story, perhaps you’ll like our first book – a retelling of Snow White.

Beauty & the Beast retold by Toni Garrn

Beauty & the Beast is one of Hollywood’s most famous fairy tales. The traditional narrative sees a Prince fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into a Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. When he father is imprisoned by Beast, Beauty enters the castle and starts an adventure that ends with them both living happily ever after. In our retelling, Beauty and her father have fallen on hard times after the death of her mother, a famous inventor. Through a twist of fate, she meets Beast and the two discover their shared passion for invention and science. With debts piling up and the pressure building on her father, will Beauty and Beast find an invention to a problem science has been puzzling over for centuries?

This story is narrated by Toni Garrn, a fashion model and actress from Germany. An ambassador of Plan International’s Because I am a girl campaign, she founded the Toni Garrn Foundation in 2016 to support girls' education initiatives around the world. Working through local, community-based organizations, the foundation focuses on health-care and women empowerment centers to support female development. You can listen to Beauty & the Beast now here or wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear what you think on our Instagram and if you enjoy the story, perhaps you’ll like our first book – a retelling of Snow White.

Little Red Riding Hood retold by Scout Bassett

Little Red Riding Hood is an iconic fairy tale, dating back centuries to old folk tales. In the original, a wolf carefully disguises themselves as a grandmother and eats a young girl. Eventually, the wolf is stopped by a hunter, who cuts open the wolf to save the young girl and her grandmother. We wanted to challenge the helplessness of Little Red Riding Hood, as well as focussing more on the wolf and the reasons that people are drawn into violent and conflicting situations.

Our retelling is a true tale of two individuals - Little Red Riding Hood and Kibu, a young cub, whose lives intertwine at a grandmother's cottage. Will Little Red Riding Hood escape? And will wolves and humans be able to live together in harmony? 

Little Red Riding Hood is read by Scout Bassett. Scout is paralympian sprinter and long-jumper. She spent her first seven years of life in a government-run orphanage in Nanjing, China after she was found abandoned on the side of a street following the loss of her right leg in a chemical fire as a newborn baby. While growing up, she made a makeshift prosthetic leg using leather belts and masking tape and began to walk, aged six, but never went outside of the orphanage in which she was being raised. Bassett was adopted in 1995 by an American couple from Michigan.

A hugely talented sportswoman, she is currently the world record holder in the 400m T42 and American holder in 100m and 200m. Off the track, Bassett spends time as a mentor, activist for people with disabilities, athlete ambassador and motivational speaker and is a unique and inspiring role model for all people to dream big and believe.

You can listen to Scout’s retelling now here or wherever you get your podcasts!


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Snow White - French
Laurie Lemaire
Une Blanche-neige inspirante (French edition)

Sehr gelungene, erfrischende Neuerzählung des berühmten Märchens. Als Übersetzerin & Sprachlehrerin wie auch als Mutter eines Kleinkindes bin ich ganz begeistert von diesem tollen Buch (französische Ausgabe). Eine inspirierende Geschichte für alle Kinder (Jungs inklusive) und jedes Alter. Eignet sich auch perfekt als Geschenk!

Snow White - German
Maike Neumann
fantastic book

we all love this book 😊

Such a great Book

Our Son is loving this book with it`s beautifull pictures. A must in every Book Shelf.

Vorlesen mit gutem Gewissen

Meine Tochter liebt es!

Snow White - German
Petra Pfann

So wertvoll, dass es diese berühmte Märchen jetzt auch ganz nah gedacht und geschrieben wurde. Jetzt lese ich es meiner Tochter sehr gerne vor.
Ich hoffe, es werden noch mehrere Märchen auf diese Art verfügbar sein <3
Eine absolute Empfehlung!